From face creams to lip balms to dog treats to lotion, CBD has made its way into all sorts of products — and now, it’s helping you spice up your sex life like never before.  

CBD — or cannabidiol — comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. It’s found in oils used for massage, beverage additives, and yes, sexual intercourse. It doesn’t get you high, but it comes with a lot of other benefits that may add a little fun and pleasure to the bedroom.

Can You Use CBD Oil as a Lube?

CBD has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and there are a wide variety of options available — one of which is oil. However, not all CBD oils are created equally, especially if you’re going to use one for sex.  

When it comes to choosing a CBD oil for sex, use only the best quality products for your body.  

The O-Shot Liquid Glide Water-Based Personal Lubricant is made with HempClear™, which is an advanced technology that guarantees you get the most bioavailable and pure form of organic hemp CBD.  

Plus, it has no silicone, glycerin, glycols, fragrances, or parabens — all of which can potentially irritate your skin.  

What is CBD lube used for? 

When it comes to sex, wetter is usually better. Unfortunately, plenty of women experience vaginal dryness, pain, or other factors that hold them back from enjoying sex as it should be enjoyed.  

That’s where lubricants like CBD lube come in. They can be on the vagina, penis, anus, or sex toys. They can even be used on condoms, as long as you choose a water-based lubricant.  

Unlike other sex products like pills and supplements, lube gets to work just minutes after application by providing you with a pleasurable boost in natural moisture, glide, and sensation — basically all of the makings of a good sexual experience.  

The goal of any lubricant is to reduce friction. However, CBD lube has some added benefits that you’ll love.  

What Are the Benefits of CBD Lube? 

The big sell of CBD is that it helps people relax and “chill out.” However, when it comes to topical CBD, like CBD lube, it can have so many more pleasurable benefits.  


To start, CBD lube is already a lubricant — meaning it’s designed to increase lubrication. The O-Shot Liquid Glide Water-Based Personal Lubricant is a water-based lubricant, and it can help reduce friction during foreplay, sex, or masturbation.  

But CBD oil can enhance lubrication simply by making sex more enjoyable, too, starting with enhanced blood flow.  

Increased Blood Flow 

You probably already know that when you get turned on, blood makes its way to erogenous parts of your body. CBD oil can enhance this process by decreasing inflammation and increasing blood flow.  

The end result? Increased sensation, and of course, more pleasure.  

Improved Relaxation 

Nobody wants to feel anxious during sex. However, worries from the day, a new sexual partner, or literally anything else can put a damper on the mood.  

CBD lube can put a stop to these anxieties and tension. By relaxing your muscles, CBD oil can allow you to take pleasure from all forms of touch, leading to more powerful, intense orgasms.  

Reduced Pain During Intercourse 

Pain can make sex not only not enjoyable but completely unbearable. Unfortunately, plenty of women experience some form of pain during intercourse.  

CBD lube can reduce sex-related pain by decreasing inflammation, relaxing your muscles, and increasing blood flow. This can allow you to focus less on pain — and more on pleasure.  

Better Sleep After Sex

Though not directly related to sex, CBD lube can give you some extra restful Zzz’s after getting it on. This might be because of the relaxation that comes from CBD oil — or it might be because of a successful sheet-romping episode.  

How is CBD Lube Different from THC Lube? 

While CBD and THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) are both found in the Cannabis plant, they aren’t the same thing. CBD is typically used for anxiety and pain relief, while THC is what produces a high or sense of euphoria.  

CBD lubricants can come with or without THC. Topical THC, which is what is found in THC lubes, doesn’t release THC directly into your bloodstream. Instead, the THC is absorbed through your skin — specifically the mucous membranes in the vagina when it comes to lube.  

Similar to CBD lube, THC lube can increase sensitivity and increase blood flow. However, because THC is a byproduct of marijuana, you can only purchase THC oil in states where marijuana is also legal.  

CBD oil comes with many of the same benefits — without the legal restrictions. For instance, the O-Shot Liquid Glide Water-Based Personal Lubricant contains zero% THC and can be purchased online.  

Can I Use CBD Lube with Sex Toys? 

While CBD lube will already add some much-appreciated spice to your sex life, you may want to explore other ways to enhance your sexual activity, including sex toys.  

However, just like you shouldn’t use oil-based lubes on condoms, you should avoid using oil-based lube on silicone and other rubber-like sex toys.  

Water-based lubes — like the O-Shot Liquid Glide Water-Based Personal Lubricant — are perfectly safe, though. If you do decide to use the dynamic due of sex toys and CBD lube, make sure to clean off your sex toys after each use to keep them clean and safe for use.  

Are There Any Risks to CBD Lube? 

CBD lubricants are generally safe. However, it’s important to consult with your doctor.  

Start with a little bit of CBD oil, and only add more when you know you like the feeling.  

Just like with anything you put inside your vagina, there is a chance CBD oil could alter your vaginal pH and cause infection. However, by ensuring you use quality products with no harsh ingredients like silicone, glycerin, and fragrances, the chances of irritation are very small. 

What Should I Look for in a CBD Lubricant? 

Just like you look for quality products for other products like face wash, lotions, and supplements, the same goes for your CBD lubricant. There are plenty of options out there, but you should look for a CBD lubricant that is good for your body.  

Pay attention to ingredients. There are certain ones that you should steer clear of when choosing a lube because they may cause irritation. These include:  

  • Glycerin 
  • Petroleum, 
  • Nonoxynol-9 
  • Propylene Glycol 
  • Chlorhexidine gluconate 

You probably want to avoid parabens to limit your chances of any infection.  

If you want to use your CBD lube on sex toys, make sure you opt for a water-based lubricant instead of an oil-based one. 

CBD Oil as Lube: A Decision You Won’t Regret 

No matter what your reason for incorporating CBD lube into your sex life, have fun with it. CBD lube is a simple and fun way to spice up the bedroom.  

Go give it a shot! Take it a notch above plain old lube, and see what CBD lube can do for your sex life.


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